Sushi of the North


Qaanaaq (Thule), Greenland Up in one of the farthest north settlements in Greenland lies the small town of Qaanaaq. Here there is no shortage of bright colours. In addition to the bright housing as seen in the background there is the delicious sight of fresh arctic char hanging to dry. At first I was turned off by this, but when I was invited to try a piece I peeled a cube off and to my delight it was like the most fresh fatty sashimi I had ever had. The look of glee that shone on the wrinkled face of the local man was returned by me as I exclaimed “mmmmm” with a big smile to ensure my gratitude wasn’t lost in translation.

Photographic Details: Shot at f3.2 at a close range with my 50mm prime lens this image had a very shallow depth of field, ensuring the viewer focuses mainly on the texture of the cut pieces of meat. 1/125s f/3.2 ISO50 100mm