Personal tutoring!

A large part of my job is teaching photography. Whether it's someone who just bought a new camera and is wanting to know the ins and outs or the seasoned expert looking to expand their vision.

I believe that if you have the will to put your camera to good use then you have the capacity to be truly great in photography. So let's go on a custom tailored photo adventure! Having been a full time studio photographer to a commercial and portrait expert, capturing wildlife and landscapes in the farthest reaches of the polar regions, and the hot plains of Africa I have seen everything that a person with a camera can do. Let me know what it is you're looking to do and I can tailor your lessons according to your skill level experience and needs.


All pricing is per person. Each session is two hours each. Click on each image for more information and to book.

Camera Club or Art School Workshops

I'm also available for private workshops and public speaking. If you want my energetic personality to light up your events, presentations or workshops I'll be glad to be there!