Baja Desert Racers


Rural Mexico, Baja California Peninsula So I've tried my hand at a very different kind of "wildlife". Recently I've had the great opportunity to ride and drive some of the much famed baja racers. Cactus wipping past my head, crazy desert vehicles bouncing on the "woop-de-doos" and adrenalin pumping through my veins, it was an incredible experience to see what these races were all about, and to learn how to drive a stick, hahaha.

Photographic details: I really wanted to get a photo that expressed the speed of these machines, this quickly led me to use a slow shutter speed. It's in cases like these that motion blur is actually desired, I wanted the cactus blurry enough to create a sense of motion, while sharp enough to still be recognizable. I entered shutter priority mode and used an incredibly slow 1/50th of a second exposure, letting the camera choose the rest. Not much time to fiddle with settings so shutter priority mode allows me to choose just one variable without me having to think of the rest! Photography buffs can see my camera chose a good aperture to achieve this in the bright desert sun.

Camera settings: 1/50s f/22.0 ISO160 35mm

I ended up popping a tire and breaking the axle and other parts I didn't even know existed, does that count as a non 4 wheeled vehicle for #transporttuesday given how determined I was not to keep them? Curated by: +TransportTuesday +Mike Masin +Gene Bowker +Steve Boyko +Michael Earley +Joe Paul