falkland islands

Diddle Berry


Falkland IslandsFrom the holiday collection http://www.kylefoto.com

This bright red berry found in the Falkland Islands as well as all over Argentina and Chile always brings me a smile. One of the first times I came across this I was actually with my mother who loved the bright red colours. It’s called the Diddle Dee berry or the Red Crowberry and to be honest, I think it’s an acquired taste. I always thought it was funny how my mother skipped the “dee” and simply called it the “Diddle Berry”. Locals here often turn it into jam, most likely for their crumpets.

Photographic Details: Photos like this aren’t usually my style, I often prefer a sharper image with much more detail. But This image has appealed to my mother and many other people once they saw it. Sometimes it’s just about the splash of colour and the memories behind the image. And if people love it, I’m not going to complain!

Canon 5D 1/100s f/2.8 ISO200 100mm

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