Viburnum opulus

Viburnum opulus berries


Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada This plant was something that was hard to ignore. While walking along the snowy park with my family the landscape was mostly devoid of colour until a flourish of red caught my eye with a patch of bushes carrying these beautiful red berries.

Many of them were covered in bits of ice and snow, and I had to shoot quickly as the sun was setting. After marveling over the wonderful colour we couldn’t help but see if the berries were frozen too. I suspect they must have a natural anti-freeze in them like many plants fish and amphibians have in them because they exploded in my hand in the -10 degree weather like any berry would on a warm summers day. To me and my brother’s discontent, the berries had a very unpleasant smell to them, we nicknamed them “stink-berries”, and postulated why a plant would want to emit such a fetid aroma.

Photographic Details: Using my macro lens I was able to get very close to these berries. Mere centimeters away from my lens I had a very shallow depth of field so there was not much in focus at any given time, this makes for a very soft feel to the image. I decided to centre my subject and give it a square crop, as the near symmetry of this subject calls for this compositional arrangement.

ISO 640 100mm F2.8 1/60SEC

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