Survived the sunset on a glacier


Peyto Glacier, Banff National Park, Alberta In continuation of my other photo from Peyto glacier this shows us just reaching the top as the sun sets behind the mountain. Thank goodness we made it! To traverse and avoid crevasses (big cracks in the ice) at night with headlamps would be a risky affair. The possibility of walking in circles in the great white expanse on this glacier while snowshoeing blind would not only be disturbing but would do a number on our morale. We were full of joy at this moment just reaching the edge of the glacier and taking our snowshoes off and unroping for the final small stretch to our warm cozy Peyto hut. Hot soup, delicious food, good company and a toilet with a view would greet us in a few moments!

Photographic Details: Even though I violated my beloved rule of thirds I still love what this image has to offer, I had to keep the horizon in the center in order to show that beautiful portion of sky that was lit by the last moments of daylight, but I had to keep our group in there for context. All of this was taken with one exposure: while the sky was initially blown out, and the foreground dark, I was able to recover those details by shooting in raw and adjusting the image in Lightroom.

The before Photo: