South Georgia

You¹re confronted by a wall of fog and a pulsing kelp entangled sea underneath. Looking at the map and know that a harsh world lies full of life somewhere beyond the fog. You stop to listen and hear a distant moaning, it¹s not the wind. South Georgia always appears in this ominous way, it¹s like the island has been expecting us. Fur seals appear out of the mist, perched on their rocks, some growl and scrap, others just howl, while elephant seals burp and sneeze on the beach. The beach of Right Whale Bay is saturated with the basking bodies of the seals and waddling figures of the king penguins. I brought two tripods to shore, one for my camera and one to fend off fur seals. I¹m sure if anyone has ever seen a photo of one, they would say ³aweeeeee² but everyone who has been lucky enough to share company with one would think otherwise. They are extremely territorial and even the most wary traveler will be chased more than a few times in a short visit. People wandered among penguins, ran from seals and cooed at all the pups, all against the backdrop of sub Antarctic mountains touching the cool overcast sky. Right at the landing site we were lucky enough to witness something new; giant petrels, heads painted red with blood were plunging into wounds pecked open in a freshly dead elephant seal. Tail feathers were fanned out in defensive postures as they squabbled and torn at every but and piece they could get. I managed to get some great footage today and look forward to putting something together.

I hear it¹s been somewhat cool up to -22?C back home, here the coldest it¹s been so far is 0?C, we¹ve had some good weather so far and it¹s highly unlikely it will get much cooler, I still think it¹s one of the best ways to spend winter... or summer, it depends on how you look at it.