Ship life is dementedly awesome

We made it outside Elephant Island, the wind and weather too rough to domuch but sail past. We bobbed into Point Wild and peered at the beach Shackleton and his men survived on from afar, it=B9s almost entirely receded. We enjoyed dinner that day with the dramatic ice covered cliffs serving as = a great backdrop during dinner.

Being aboard the Clipper Adventurer (or any ship) is unusual, at times it feels like an odd little country in it=B9s own, floating among the world, functioning perfectly in it=B9s quirky little way.

After spinning around Brown Bluff an=

d the Argentinian Esperanza station amidst 40 knot winds, we found a place to land near Esperanza. We dropped people off for 15 minutes to revel in their landing then made it back to the ship before the weather stranded us on shore. From my zodiac I watched Adelie penguins tottering across the beach, the white rings around their eyes making them look as surprised as they were when we made like Normandy and invaded their beach.

I thought it was a great landing considering the circumstances, and I was very enthusiastic about the Adelie penguins and the beautiful icebergs looming outside Hope Bay. I would talk about the cool things we saw but nobody really cared, they were all in raptures over touching that rock, it=B9= s about the experience right? Well, thank goodness they=B9ve had a good time.

We=B9re heading to Half Moon and Barrientos island, they are usually quite easy to land in, so I=B9m sure we=B9ll have a good day tomorrow.