Photographic African Safaris

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Let me tell you about being on a photographic African safari

The last time I was in Africa I had a fantastic time. I took 6 intrepid photographers and enthusiasts to some of the most fantastic places to see in Africa.

Every day there was something new to be seen, and while I have been to these locations before, it’s always a surprise what the wildlife will have in store for us. Migrations change, new paths appear and the land changes. In Kenya and Tanzania the wet season follows a cyclical pattern, while it’s wet in Tanzania it would be dry in Kenya, this is reason why we have the great migration of wildebeest, zebra, and other grazers; they are following the rains. So the herbivores are following the fertile land, the predators must be following them.

This is why we visit both Kenya and Tanzania, being everywhere they can gets us a good chance of being in the middle of the action!


Last safari we got to see everything, our cameras were ready when cheetahs were  speeding past us in pursuit of a gazelle in the golden morning light.

We saw the sunset silhouette behind the majestic acacia trees night after night, and with a little direction captured it perfectly.

We saw baby elephant orphans nursed back to health and simply by being there we aided in their cause. These caretakers even sleep with them at night in order to maintain a feeling of family, at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Orphanage

Leopards lay in trees as our experienced local guides know just where to look in time for the sun to light them below the canopy of the Acatias.

We kept thinking “okay we have seen everything! And lots of it, but what about the migration where are the hunderds of animals?” After floating by balloon (optional) over the Serengeti in Tanzania we could see the migration for the first time!


So after a fantastic breakfast in the bush we headed towards the migration. We crossed a river and came across a herd of elephants, but where was the migration? After lunch we headedout out to cross the river again at the same spot, and lo and behold it was like the earth opened up and spewed out thousands of zebra and wildebeest! How a herd could appear so suddenly is beyond me but we were surrounded. It was a fantastic site, these animals being truly wild regarded our vehicle with respect and kept a safe distance, from here we watched the show for hours.


It’s my job on these safaris to make sure you get the greatest photos you can in the greatest comfort africa can provide. Every person is guaranteed a window seat and there is enough time for me to sharpen the skills of everyone, no matter what your experience level. If you’re just along to enjoy the view and you would prefer to take photos with your mind you will thoroughly enjoy yourself. You may be as active or relaxed as you want to be on safari! I have teamed up with some of the best local guides in Kenya and Tanzania who’s minds work like a veritable wildlife and nature encyclopaedia, I have worked with civilized in Kenya, Tanzania, Turkey, Jordan the arctic and antarctic for half a decade and consult with them for all my travels, knowing I’m in their hands gives me a piece of mind while adventuring in the farthest places I’ve ever been.

Capture Africa and it’s incredible wildlife in the light of the “golden hour” on photographicafrican safaris. Expert photography mentoring, expert guides.

This page doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of a single trip, I think the common words of “you just have to go to Africa” apply here. If you want more fantastic photos tutorials and stories from Africa check out my On Safari posts hereand my Africa Gallery here:


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